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Selected Engagements and Impact

Private Equity
Global Leadership development supported with long-term Executive Coaching to align global investment teams across the USA, Europe and APAC. Establishing common ground to improve investment strategies and decision making, building individual leadership capability, and facilitating the group during transitions.

Professional Services
Senior Executive and Partner Leadership development for 300+ Global Partners over 4 years to expand capability and align with Firm purpose and values to create strategic competitive advantage. In association with London Business School.

Asset Management
Senior Executive Team Development over 5 years to support AUM growth, new fund launches and digital platform rollout. Building strategic capability development to create more integrated investment solutions in response to industry trends of passive and thematic investments, ESG and Digital.

Large-scale multi-year Leadership Development engagement for 10,000+ Managers across Francophone West Africa to build capacity and support shifts to Mobile Banking and Fintech solutions in growth markets. In Partnership with Nexus Training.

Large-scale Leadership Development engagement for 700+ leaders over 5 years contributing to 400% growth in revenues from category expansion, new product launches, and Asian manufacturing. Strategic capability development to support shifts towards digital and IOT connected devices. In partnership with CCL.

Global Leadership Development engagements in Switzerland and Japan to support development of new patient-centric strategies including organizational restructuring and capability development.

Global Health Care
Building and new, integrated Leadership Programme for an International Society of 5,000 member surgeons to complement existing surgical and technical training and events. Working with the Board to design and deliver a range of live events, webinars, online resources, and training videos to build skills in self-leadership, leading teams, and building a surgical practice.

Sports, Entertainment & FMCG
Regional Leadership Development in EMEA for 100+ Senior Managers to support emerging digital strategies including TV Channels, Marketing, and sports events. In Partnership with Korn Ferry.

Advertising & Media
Large scale Transformation and Culture Change over 3 years covering 1,500+ leaders across EMEA. Exploring new creative approaches and structures to maintain relevance amid industry disruption. Developing a collective mindset towards new digital advertising techniques and platform partnerships.

Science & Technology
Working with the Management Board to enhance collaboration and decision making in response to regulatory and industry trends in the European energy sector. Executive Coaching to support, assess and improve top leadership.

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