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Our clients span industry sectors, countries and regions. We often collaborate with other learning institutions such as London Business School to design and deliver executive education and coaching programs. Our private clients include individual executives, senior teams and Boards, and whole organizations where we intervene to support change and transformation.

What our Clients Say

"Excellent leader. Great approach. Very open and responsive to our feedback"
- CEO Financial Services

"Done with tact and the ability to navigate and provoke good dialogue, very professional"
- Global B2C Executive

"Very flexible and adaptive, managing to engage all members of the team"
- Company Board Member

"Fantastic to see how group dynamics are evolving as a refresh of our strategy and building up the Senior Leadership Team"
- Managing Director Manufacturing

"The energy, passion and enthusiasm really helped us through the journey and encouraged us to be more bold while feeling comfortable as a group to tackle the big questions"
- Operations Executive

"Excellent at engaging and redirecting the group, playing back key messages and staying fully engaged"
- Senior Professional Services Executive

"Very clear articulation and communication"
- Senior Audit Partner

"Thought provoking"
- Senior Banking Executive

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