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The key challenge for leaders today is how to convincingly bring others with them through change and uncertainty in an increasingly complex and digital world.

There is no silver bullet, but our research suggests the exceptional leaders who successfully navigate change share certain key attributes.


First, to bring themselves and their organizations into the future, effective leaders must show bold courage in the face of uncertainty. Courage provides the focus and energy needed to create forward momentum and action, even when outcomes are unknown. A courageous leadership stance also shapes shared goals and a clear reason for people to go the extra mile with their discretionary effort towards a worthwhile cause. Courageous leadership gives meaning to work, galvanized action and answers the question "Why?". Courage is the first cornerstone of any leader’s success, and especially critical in times of change.


Courage is key for action, but alone it is not sufficient to lead high performance, and the boldest plans will not come to life without people’s engagement and belief. The second attribute for leading in changing times is empathy. Empathy brings others with us by acting as a listening device to hear their needs, as a lens to understand the wider context we operate in, and as a filter for decision making as we consider the human, social and environmental impact of our choices. Through deep empathy, leaders can create a shared sense of meaning that engages effort within an inclusive culture that makes people feel valued.

Leaders who actively develop and deploy these two key skills will galvanize collective effort that is strategic, relevant, committed, and remains resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Building a Change Mindset

Leaders who understand the power of courage and empathy also develop a more effective Change Mindset. This is critical today to adapt and grow our businesses to meet evolving conditions and new realities. An effective Change Mindset activates performance, sparks fresh ideas, and rejuvenates businesses to face the future.

By anchoring our consulting work in the concept of the Change Mindset, we help organizations build the skills to unlock potential, foster innovation, and intelligently manage the inevitable conflicts and trade-offs that arise in our increasingly fast paced world.

We hope you will partner with us to unlock your personal and collective potential.

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