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Bridging strategy and execution is where most CEO’s struggle to get traction, so we work with and challenge leaders to innovate, stretch and broaden their thinking, increasing their own energy and commitments so they can more readily engage and energize their teams.

To support strategy execution, we start with the external business or industry context, moving to company purpose and then testing alignment and congruence across the system to ensure change can happen successfully. Our goal is to create sustainable behavioral shifts throughout the system that drives the business as a whole.

In delivering business results through developing people and the organization both context and culture are key as we tackle increasingly complex business environments.

We use our own experience as leaders in large global organizations, along with organisational theory, applied behavioural science, and our own insights about change to diagnose and feed back data that unblocks dysfunctions and creates forward movement for groups, teams and the organization.

Beyond the commercial world we also work with Social Enterprises, Education, Music, and the Arts, including:
  • Supporting global health and education with the World Health Organisation
  • Working with young musicians and artists to support their work
  • International photography workshops in developing countries and remote locations
  • Supporting social enterprises across Africa for leadership and community development


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