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We specialise in Strategic Leadership.

Bridging strategy and execution is where most CEO’s struggle - with the classic knowing-doing gap slowing down the effective translation of vision and aspirations into real work by real people. We explore, challenge and build clarity for leaders around People, Purpose, and Performance to close this gap and release potential in individuals and teams across the organization.

People - is about who is in your organization, what each person uniquely brings, and how yourecognize and tap into their natural strengths, talents and diversity of thought. We use positive psychology, inquiry and dialogue techniques to increase individual self-awareness, explore hidden group dynamics, increase alignment between people, and strengthen teams. We challenge leaders at all levels to question their assumptions, strive for personal innovation, and stretch and broaden their thinking so they increase their impact and ability to engage others.

Purpose - is about why we exist. As teams, organizations or networks, we ask what shared vision and aspirations bring us together and what we are prepared to fight for to preserve these. Purpose and identity are fundamental to our human quest for meaning. Without purpose we dojobs; with it we live our dreams. The best companies and organizations use purpose as the foundation for everything they do - to navigate uncertainty, build resilience, cope with change, and even manage deep conflict. How an organization sees itself in the world and how it knows it is unique determines the level of energy, alignment and commitment of its people. A great purpose ensures we can overcome hurdles, stay together, and navigate change successfully with the right behaviours that drive the business to where we are going.

Performance - is the result of great people aligned behind a powerful purpose. But people and purpose are necessary but not sufficient for exceptional business results. High performance requires active leadership, continuous innovation, and on-going course adjustments to the strategy. We help test and align these questions, looking at performance systems, decision processes, and underlying structures that often inhibit the desired culture. Keeping a watchful eye on performance and its underlying metrics keeps leaders fresh and aware so they can respond with clarity to an increasingly complex business environment while taking their people with them.

We use these three pillars to coach and advise leaders as they continually strive to improve their businesses. We draw on our own experience as leaders in large global organizations, our knowledge of organisational theory and applied behavioural science, and our own personal insights about each client to help them build awareness and capability.


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