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Project Development
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  Project Pipeline:
  • Innovative Pharmaceutical Online Wholesale System
    Funding: Seeking BF
    Status: under development, GLD Fall 2018
  • 40 MW Hydro-Power Plant (Middle East)
    Funding: Seeking BF up to $1M, $80M C
  • 10 MW Geothermal Power Plant in 40 MW Resource (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking confirmation drilling funding
    Status: under desk reviews
  • US DOE ARPA: Application submitted for Visualizing Ahead of the Drill Bit While Drilling Geothermal Wells
  • Multiple: Oil & Gas Drilling (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking drilling funding
    Status: being presented, some under desk review
Project Development

TBA is a project development and project management company, focused on renewable energy and technology projects. Due to the specialized nature of its projects, projects are being staffed only for the duration of the project with the best experts that can be identified.

TBA prefers an inclusive project model, keeping contracting costs low with a very lean administration and management approach and the desire to maximize the project benefits for the local communities, especially through personnel training process integration. The goal is not just to deliver a quality service or product, but to leave behind a positive change in the communities and the people that are involved.