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Project Development
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  Project Pipeline:
  • Surgical, Interventional and Medical Simulation and Innovation Center (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking BF up to $2M, $75M+$5M C&1YOP
    Status: being presented
  • Innovative Pharmaceutical Online Wholesale System
    Funding: Seeking BF
    Status: under development, GLD Fall 2018
  • 40 MW Hydro-Power Plant (Middle East)
    Funding: Seeking BF up to $1M, $80M C
    Status: under review, passed desk review, PPA being negotiated
  • 10 MW Geothermal Power Plant in 40 MW Resource (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking confirmation drilling funding
    Status: under desk reviews
  • US DOE ARPA: CP submitted for Visualizing Ahead of the Drill Bit While Drilling Geothermal Wells
  • US DOE FOA: CP under development for The Efficient Drilling for Geothermal Energy
  • Multiple: Oil & Gas Drilling (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking drilling funding
    Status: being presented, some under desk review

Geology, minearology, geochemistry, geophysics and their individual tools - all disciplines supporting the surface exploration of your resource. We look at the current status of your exploration, recommend and design an exploration program with you that fits your objective, schedule and budget, recommend to you vendors based on a competitive vendor selection process that delivers a decision matrix for your consideration, and manage all field exploration services.

As the resource evaluation progresses, the multi-disciplined data are gathered and professionally visualized in order for you to make well informed decisions, at any time.

We help with all required environmental studies and permitting processes to make your exploration a success.

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