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How can you learn about the location of the groundwater under your land?

Geophysical surveys of different kind are used to look into the subsurface. They can give information about the geological structure and/or the conductivity. Like imaging technology in medicine, those techniques image the ground under your land. And all that before a single well has been drilled.

What are the goals of geophysical surveys?

The goal of geophysical surveys for groundwater exploration is not just to find water, but to identify drilling locations with the most potential for optimal production rates. Once the depth to the water table is known, drilling to that depth from almost any location in the target area will encounter some amount of water. A significant challenge is to find the location that yields the best quality and quantity.

What are the geophysical methods used?

There are many different methods. Our experts work on putting the right mix of methods together that fit your specific circumstances and budget.

The general approach looks like this:

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