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Project Development
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  Project Pipeline:
  • Surgical, Interventional and Medical Simulation and Innovation Center (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking BF up to $2M, $75M+$5M C&1YOP
    Status: being presented
  • Innovative Pharmaceutical Online Wholesale System
    Funding: Seeking BF
    Status: under development, GLD Fall 2018
  • 40 MW Hydro-Power Plant (Middle East)
    Funding: Seeking BF up to $1M, $80M C
    Status: under review, passed desk review, PPA being negotiated
  • 10 MW Geothermal Power Plant in 40 MW Resource (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking confirmation drilling funding
    Status: under desk reviews
  • US DOE ARPA: CP submitted for Visualizing Ahead of the Drill Bit While Drilling Geothermal Wells
  • US DOE FOA: CP under development for The Efficient Drilling for Geothermal Energy
  • Multiple: Oil & Gas Drilling (U.S.)
    Funding: Seeking drilling funding
    Status: being presented, some under desk review
Cloud System Development

Providing cloud development and consulting solutions across industries since more than 15 years. Select clients have been Accenture, Sungard, and the U.S. Government, to mention just a few.

Business Intelligence (BI) Data Science

With a unique combination of scientific data analytical and software development know-how, you get the most business intelligence out of your data.

Database Development

All major databases have been used to deliver high end solutions for customers like Sungard and TEK Systems. The experience ranges from database development for cloud solutions to stand alone applications.

Application Development

Well designed and structured applications for different industries are needed on different platforms. Regardless of the operating system applications can be built that are deployed in multiple environments. From the Wall Street trading platform to highly scientific applications, we have seen it and worked on it. Quality Control during the development and deployment process are essential components to succeed.


Geo-Coding is the customized process of finding and building the right IT solution and geo-data presentation for your business based upon geo-information essential for your business process to succeed.

Geo-Information Services (GIS)

Geo Information Systems (GIS) are more than maps. GIS done right has in mind the main objective - content driven conclusions and solutions. And this is what excellent GIS service is all about.

Scientific Computing

From tomography to seismic monitoring and embeded code - looking back at more than 25 years of scientific computing experience. High end customized solutions that work and last.

Signal Analysis

Signal analysis and digital filter design help you discover hidden information otherwise invisible.

Designing data acquisition systems right, avoids costly misinterpretations and adjusts to your acquisition target with highest resolution.

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