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TBA Power, Inc.
3115 East Lion Lane, Suite 160
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121


Business Development
Project Development


TBA Power Inc. has been founded in 2009 by Michael Albrecht. Michael graduated in 1991 with a Masters degree in Geophysics and Physics from the University of Muenster in Germany. Before relocating to the United States in 1999, he headed the leading European development and production department for geo-instruments with DMT- Research and Testing in Germany. Their instruments obtained several world records. Michael is a well published international researcher and former guest scientist with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA.

Due to his diverse background, Michael serves not only as technical but also as hands-on cross-industries IT Consultant. His consulting background ranges from Andersen Consulting, Daimler Benz, and Sungard, to the U.S. Government. Throughout his career, Michael maintained an ever growing IT consulting profile. His system engineering and software development skills were utilized for systems on Wall Street, and systems delivered to Ameriprise, Bank of America, AIG, ING, US Bank, Deutsche Bank, and many more.

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